Pedal Steel Guitar Lessons


Remote "Online Lessons" and also local In-person Lessons.

Pedal Steel Guitar Lessons from an "experienced" Professional player.

E9 tuning _10-string and 12-string,

C6 tuning _ Double-neck(D-10) pedal steel

E9/B6 12-String Universal tuning

One lesson at a time and / or weekly.

Even one lesson can make a BIG difference in getting-On to the Best Start !
I offer a Structured Progression of lessons / or as requested for your specific needs.

I also provide Mechanical adjustments and Fine-Tuning of your Pedal & Knee-lever Raises & Lowers so that they are in tune ...
and in harmony with open strings when other pedals/knee-levers are engaged.

Proper lubrication & Re-stringing also available. Please inquire.

Need a Pedal Steel ? or Pedal Steel Amp?